EFAP Services

A Comprehensive Employee & Family Assistance Program

Many employees struggle to balance the increasingly complex demands of work and personal lives. In fact in any given year, 15-20% of a workforce experiences personal problems around various issues.

If left unresolved, these everyday problems may lead to diminished personal well-being and compromised job performance.

Vancouver Island Counselling, winner of a Canadian Mental Health Association “Workplace of Well-being” award,  is an integral component of progressive employee benefits programs.  We are committed to providing direct and immediate access to trained counsellors who can assist employees and their families to address issues before personal, family or work life is seriously affected.

An Intake Interview: A complete interview is provided to each new client, including the person’s concerns and understanding of the problem  and a review of critical factors in the development of the issue. The client is an integral part of the counselling planning process. The client and counsellor together agree upon the next steps to be taken and plans are made to carry out the steps.

Short-Term Counselling:
Unlimited appointments and hours of short-term counselling are offered to all clients. Our qualified staff provide counselling in the following areas:

  • relationship
  • parent/child conflict
  • couples
  • emotional
  • psychological
  • financial
  • addiction …. and others

Specific Outside Referrals:
One of our priorities is to maintain contacts in the community for specific referrals. Referrals are made for the following issues:

in-depth psychological assessments
psychiatric assessment and management of medications
residential treatment for addiction
personal development seminars and resources, as individually required
Case Management:
Whether through direct counselling or referral to other agencies, SVIARS counsellors follow the client’s progress to ensure thorough and effective service.

After-Care Support Group:
A supportive group is available for those clients who have completed residential treatment for addiction. The group is offered in Nanaimo on Wednesday, and  Duncan on Thursday.

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing:
A critical incident is any situation faced by an organization that causes a strong emotional reaction from employees. Our trained CISD team works to restore group cohesiveness, reduces negative consequences and offers continuing assistance, accelerating the normal recovery process.

Educational Presentations:
The staff at Vancouver Island Counselling are prepared to present and coordinate educational workshops on workplace issues such as:

Thriving in times of change
Turning stress into success
Team building
Or, other subjects as requested