November 2021 – Discover Your Values

Life can feel more fulfilling and meaningful with less daily stress and more purposeful intention. “Technically values are desired qualities of ongoing action. Poetically, they are our deepest desires of how we want to spend our brief time on this planet. Metaphorically, they’re like a compass: they give us direction and keep us on track.” Read More

September 2021 – Antidotes to the Four Horsemen

In the June issue of our “Choices” newsletter, we introduced you to the Four Horsemen – destructive forms of communication and behavior that damage or destroy love relationships (Criticism, Contempt, Defensiveness, and Stonewalling). These four mounted invaders are essentially dysfunctional ways of interacting and will reek havoc on any love relationship. They were identified and Read More

July 2021 – Spending Time With Our Feelings

What exactly are feelings?When we talk about feelings we are really talking about emotions. At the most basic level, researchers define emotions as the flow of energy (energy in motion) or states of activation through the brain and body. To understand what we feel, we need to tune into the emotion internally that is connected Read More

April 2021 – Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Many view sleep as a luxury and think that the benefits of limiting the hours they spend asleep outweigh the costs. People often overlook the potential long-term health consequences of insufficient sleep, and the impact that health problems can ultimately have on one’s time and productivity.  Sleep and mental health are closely connected.  Many of Read More

March 2021 – Understanding Depression

Sadness is a natural part of being human, and feeling this way for a period of time can be normal. But if these feelings of sadness last for more than a couple of weeks and start interfering with a person’s life in a major way, they may be experiencing depression. Depression is the experience of Read More

December / January Holiday Newsletter

A Holiday Message from Your Vancouver Island Counselling Team In March of this year the world changed for all of us. Since then, like one continuous earthquake, the ground has not stopped moving under our feet. Ongoing tremor and aftershock still rock and ripple around us, within us and sometimes between us. Much has been Read More