November 2019 – Finding Relief from Life’s Significant Challenges

Trying to cope on our own with the significant challenges of our lives can be unnecessarily difficult and lead to increasing emotional, physical, interpersonal and health consequences. We often do our best to manage but are unable to find the necessary relief and resolution. If left unaddressed, these issues often become progressively worse and more debilitating. Asking for help can offer us strategies, solutions and perspectives that are unavailable to our own thinking and our own decision making and bring us the relief we are seeking.

“The Numbers”
In any given workplace somewhere between 5% and 10% of employees will manifest serious problems with mood and/or substance use disorders at any given time. Another 10%-15% will experience lower levels of these progressive issues.  Some of these workers are engaging in lifestyle measures and/or actively asking for help and receiving it. For those who are not, it is important to reflect on the benefits of asking for help and the consequences of doing nothing.


Common Barriers to “Asking for Help”

  • Thinking things aren’t bad enough to seek help
  • Thinking a problem will go away by itself
  • Being embarrassed or afraid to ask for help
  • Thinking you should be able to cope without help
  • Not knowing where to find help
  • Thinking help is too expensive/time consuming


Benefits of “Asking for Help”

  • Finding strategies and ways to cope
  • Gaining some perspective
  • Prevent things from getting worse or deteriorating
  • Feeling less stressed
  • Relief about sharing your thoughts/feelings
  • Reducing your sense of loneliness
  • Building stronger relationships with friends and family
  • Better equipped to help others in need


Helpful Starting Places

  • Your Employee and Family Assistance Program (Vancouver Island Counselling)
  • Caring friends and family
  • BC HealthLinkBC online (nurses, dietitian, exercise specialist)
  • Books, magazines and credible online resources
  • Experts & professionals – psychologists, counsellors, financial advisers, legal professionals, ministers, career counsellors, teachers, and a recovery group


Vancouver Island Counselling is here to provide skilled, professional and confidential counselling supports to you and your family members.


How do I book an appointment with a counsellor?  Simply phone one of the numbers listed below. One of our administrative assistants will be pleased to help you arrange your appointment.