Salt Spring Island Counsellors

Marcia Burton RCC
I have been a practicing counsellor/psychotherapist for over 20 years. My style is gentle, warm, compassionate and playful and practical. I have experience assisting individual clients and couples with issues such as grief/loss, depression, anxiety, stress, parenting, relationship conflict and life transitions. My work is underpinned by a trust that every person has access to a natural state of wellness. I see my role as assisting others to remember and reconnect with their inner strength and innate wisdom.

I have a lot of practice and training using mindfulness-based and body-centered approaches. I offer a holistic and wide-angled perspective on personal issues. I believe that pain and difficulty are inescapable aspects of life, and that we all suffer at times. Although we cannot necessarily stop pain/difficulty from coming into our lives, we often are not fully aware of our capacity to change our relationship to it. In making this perceptual shift, many clients begin to feel less identified with their difficulties and experience feeling empowered, exploring new ways to “relate to” their difficulties..

I formerly worked as a Mental Health Clinician with the Salt Spring Island mental health team. I have maintained good connections with this local mental health support system on Salt Spring, and have the ability to work closely with mental health professionals and doctors where appropriate.

I am a Certified Teacher of Mindful Self-Compassion, a skills-based resilience-building program to support people to be kinder to themselves. I am a Senior Trainer of the Hakomi Method of Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy and offer training and workshops in this approach to build self-awareness and enhance emphatic communication skills. My Masters Degree is in Counselling and Psychotherapy from Bath Spa University in the UK.